A History of Skin



Skin which is the largest organ of all human body, and we know that. It is factual and cannot be disproved. Also, we have fur all over, except for the palms of our hands and under our feet. What we know, which is gradually becoming common knowledge, is that the organ is the largest human organ. It is the organ that protects our internal organ system from the external environment. Several experts also say, and researchers to that extent too, that the organ is an important part of our lives. But many of us don’t notice that knowledge, apart from being fed the information that we have to buy care for it and go through various courses, to make us aware that it is an important organ. Based on that, advertisements run with how good you will look with their careproducts and carelines.

Skin through time

Experts always talk and talk about the fact that there is one thing and another that we have to remember. From this, it is thought that the majority of people just don’t bother to take care of their organ, and it is only something that is done in advertisements. And that too only something women do. But no, everyone makes mistakes.

What needs to happen is that everyone needs to have an understanding of what it means to take care of yourself. Our organ mentioned must be taken care of to that extent and it deserves it, otherwise we will all look somewhat unattractive compared to others and ourselves, not least. We must be partly educated, but also trained in, the human body itself and our best shield in relation to the environment. We must have acquired some tools that assist us with tools of care.

Diachronic skin care

Diachronic care of the organ is different everywhere on the body, therefore there are always different requirements for cleaning and maintenance. But how did men and women relate in the past, and the time can be turned back to before modern religions came into existence, that is, when we were hunters and gatherers. There is no optimal health discussed in this article, but at a later date Today, despite a brief approach to history.

Nutrition for the day

For the care of the skin, on which the environment has its effect on us, and depending on where we are and where we are, our skin is the one that is most exposed to environmental changes. There are some steps in skin care. And yes, both men and women are exposed and need protective care every day. During the day, a cleanser must be used, and after cleansing and the skin is bare to receive stress, but would also be quite susceptible, it must be toned and moisturised, i.e. just like treating your wooden sheet with an oil and varnish, it’s the same principle. People then just have to do it every day when they get ready.

Skin regenerates at night

When we have to rest for the many hours we do, the skin actually starts working to regenerate in a process. That process means that the damaged skin, or the stressed skin, on the surface, is turned into a layer of dead cells, which then over time, during our sleep, comes into being. Our skin always works from the inside out, which often shows up in the morning, for example, if you have a tendency to pimples, or as you can say, inflammatory conditions in the skin. It mostly comes from nutritional conditions.

Skin care of the future

With all the soaps, courses, technology, ways and developments in the skin care field, the future is quite mixed, but something could indicate that the way skin care is seen is being changed significantly, and because researchers, who are always on the move seen deep in biotechnology, skin care can only become more specific and targeted. Targeted means that care may be seen at multiple levels and steps, and at best that ingredients for speed and effectiveness are improved.