Intelligence is used daily without us knowing it? We can question that. That being said, it can be assumed that human intelligence can be put to use as desired and used as desired. Human intelligence itself has a huge value and is priceless. It has also been adapted from previous works. They are written by past philosophers Napoleon Hill. In addition to that, as mentioned, there are several other names over time who also have given their expression. Thomas Troward who studied mental science. Charles Haanel with the work and teaching material of The Master Key System. Books by James Allen. Several people know that they have studied intelligence, even publicly the government they live in does not disclose it.

Intelligence - faculties for consciousness

There are six mental muscles that can be trained and used. Mentioned that once a higher consciousness has been achieved, the mental muscles can be used as desired. desired meaning that they can be used after training. That is, the muscles are: intuition, thought, imagination, will, perception and memory. Below they are explained in brief. Although the six mental muscles in our intelligence are mentioned, there are many things and more areas behind. In upcoming blogs, perhaps as a series, will be looked deeper into what the intelligence is. Small instructions on how they can be used will also be mentioned. For the mental tools of the mind, there are countless programs and workouts.

Intelligence - virtual media and how it connects

The virtual media as it and called by….. that link the whole world together are of great importance to the use of the intelligence man possesses. The media found in dozens and in heaps with their own content and methods of marketing the self can be seen as a huge memory. They are very unifying with the current internet that holds together on the people and man under control.

Intelligence - the physical view after

Physical doings are meant that not only using the tools of intelligence, but also being able to make the body work better. Certain organs to use, for example, are the brain. For the brain, proteins, fat and water are used, and not least oxygen, but it came automatically when we breathe. Proteins and fat are required through our daily diet, that is, what we eat during the day.


1 The Master Key System

2 As a Man Thinketh

3 Think and Grow Rich

4 You Squared

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