A Method to a Mastermind


This blog is not finished nor was and is it intended to be finished or conclusive. It is in this state of the writer’s point of view that always are under research. It should therefore be seen as such. If there is any kind of addition to this subject, please notify the site or open an account you are not already in a position of having such.

Mastermind and the commencement

Should be seen as a group of people that meet for one thing and that is giving. Giving the way of a personal desire to a group of trusted people, yet the trusted people are close and are willing to express gratitude and give constructive feedback. Also the giver should be in a state of mind to be ready to receive, and where each one has a desire to increase the value from each member of the group to each member. a mastermind is this closed group that has to work in harmony to synergise with each member. So in the coming sections, there are information for growth and progress. The blog can and will be updated regularly and whenever new information and vocabulary is updated.

Mastermind Trusted people

To get a mastermind going it is important to have a single desire because the purpose to open a group is to have a desire. A group should be formed quietly and carefully, so that everyone is agreed to participate and ready to, when sat down around the table, to tell about desire and be ready for feedback and to listen carefully. Trustee is more like a very, very close circle of influence, which means, it could be without family and friends, but should be comprised of no more than 10 people that are fully trusted and want to back each other up.

Mastermind the doings in the group

As for the roles in a group, then in a more detailed perspective is to let the speaker in the group have its freedom to express a specific desire, though inside a specific time, though the specific time should not be known by the speaker, or else it would feel like an exam in school for further education. The taker of the notes is then a listener like a censor that listens to the desire expressed, writes as much on paper linked to that person as possible, so there can be given detailed feedback from the others and after that anyone should have the desire repeated, the taker of notes can repeat them rightfully. The keeper of time is like a gatekeeper that brings everyone within the timeframe.

Mastermind the role of each member

Which means there is one who measures time, one who takes notes, and one who speaks. When each member is speaking and are done speaking of the desire, the role passes on to the next, but before the roles are given to the next, the desire shared has its turn to be viewed by each member to speak of enrichment to the one who expressed their desire. The one who measures time is also a listener to be on the level and active as the others, same goes to the one who takes notes. The one who takes notes is the one who can sum everyone up on the shared desire.

Mastermind in the class at school

So the classroom in a school is nearly the same, though there are several factors mutual to get a good perspective from. In a classroom typically there are 20 students. Are those 20 divided into groups there could be two or more groups, yet the most effective way to work such way, is to be no more than 4 or 5, because during lessons each one should bring to the table to enrich others and be enriched.


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