Silicon is the second largest and most diverse in the earth’s surface is silicon. Development of supply in relation to intelligent nutrition is a concept in everyday speech. Seen from a general point of view, it is cellular nutrition. Today, technologies find their way into many markets quite quickly. After which some governments say yes thanks and test technology among its people. With nutritional supplements as it is known, it is something that seems like a second priority. It seems like what is being chosen in addition to what is normal. This means that the common man must first of all shop through a convenience store. And after as a kind of bonus, then supplement the necessary goods. It is, of course, a whole world of food that has been turned upside down.

Silicon - an other name for it is

Kiesel is found in health food stores and partly in general grocery stores as a sale product or spot product. Kiesel, for those who don’t know, has a very floury consistency of water. And despite that, it has a floury consistency, a taste that is completely neutral like ordinary water. But not like water with flour. Just a floury consistency. If a dehydrator is known which is basically an oven. The oven can then only heat to approx. 60 degrees. After that, it can almost be calculated that silica in dehydrated form is silica in powder form. It is called Silicon Oxide because oxygen has been added to the liquid.

Silicon - its usability in computing

Silicon is the second largest and is, in its sense, a mineral, or element, which is one in the periodic table and has number 14. Number 14 means they are electrons that rush around with great speed and form a perfect shell. This applies around the corresponding protons and neutrons. Briefly explained, neutrons bind protons together. By their name, they have no form of electricity. The protons have, from their name, a positive charge hence protons. And the same with Electrons, despite the name the opposite of a negative charge. But it is called an electron voltage

Another perhaps unexpected section of the mineral silicon in a different illustrated form. The picture on the right shows the mineral used in electronic circuits. The image shows a bundle of CPUs, or rather processors, before they enter a computer. In this scope, silicon is used with its electrical properties because it is a conducting metal according to the periodic table.

Now the point is that applies in conjunction with food supplements. The element or mineral as we can call it, can be supplied with oxygen in a scientific way and thus the substance is called Silicon Oxide. But another thing that also applies is that silicon dioxide is found in Danish food supplements, with the chemical title SO2. However, silicon is still applicable in food as in electronics.

Silicon - where it is needed

As can be observed, the mineral silicon helps to make man whole again. Roughly speaking, there are a great many people with a deficiency of the mineral, and the authorities do not inform about this. Not because they don’t want to, but it is a form of self-service, since pharmaceuticals are most widely used for an economic reason. The other thing that can also be added is that silicon is the second largest mineral after oxygen in the atmosphere. It is therefore important to consume the right amount of the mineral daily and adapt it to your own needs. Products among this contain silicon.

Silicon - the application of it

With the above graphical and applied methods of the mineral, there is more behind its use. Mentioned is the most significant of minerals in the human diet through marketing. This means that companies that use minerals in their packaging do so to provide the consumer with basic nutrients. In this round, it is as if silicon is second largest and its use. The form the mineral has taken in food supplements by storm is silicon dioxide. It has a certain effect. The effect causes the body to increase its electrical connections, and thus the body is healed faster, or itself again.

Silicon - the properties of the mineral

… Promotes wound healing. Deficiency causes growth disturbances. Makes the skin elastic. In calcified veins, the content of the mineral is low. It is especially in older people. Weak nails. Sagging and wrinkled skin. Delicate mucous membranes in case of deficiency. Modern diseases such as disc herniation, osteoarthritis and osteoporosis are signs of deficiency.




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