An Individualty of Health


This blog is not finished nor was it and is intended to be finished or conclusive. It is in this state of the writer’s point of view that always are under research. It should therefore be seen as such. If there is any kind of addition to this subject, please notify the site or open an account you are not already in a position of having such. The interrogative questions, who, what, where has a specific role to be open to further research of the blog’s points of views.

Individuality in focus

Is to look at the limits set by the Danish Health Authority. Basically there are only individual limits, people’s own limits. Product declarations must also be looked at and what they generally mean, because it is a form of reference. And that there are at the same time two sides to it, and the limits that are set and are set. With the written and introductory, one can dig deeper into why the limits are set where they are on food. Because they are there for a reason, and many do not know what they refer to.

One does not fit all

When Individuality is mentioned, it means that each human body has its own limits. And nutritionally, a different approach than everyone else. Because we are all active and different and each move around in different environments. This also applies even if several people live close together under the same roof. It sounds a bit wild with such a conclusion, but it is true and factual. Precisely because we are different and are close to each other at the same time, we are different. It can be mentioned that we all come from a separate lineage, to put it in a real perspective.

Health the declarations in the marketplace

The individual limits are mentioned because it can be seen on the goods in a convenience store that there are certain values written on a label. This mark is a declaration, or in historical terms: a declaration that this product contains these ingredients, and according to a limit that can be reckoned with, the Danish Food Agency and the Danish Health Authority have, in cooperation, set that limit so that the trader himself will be able to figure out what’s in. It sounds so easy. I It should be written on all packaging and goods that people act based on their Individuality.

Health and the ease of regulation by 100 grams

The content per 100 grams is usually easy to caluctate for the most of the poeple. Now depending on the government rules. It typically looks like this. Do to calculate the actual content of the full product is to see how much is in the package. Fat: 38% Carbohydrates: 30% Protein: 5% Salt: 1% These mentioned are those found on the packaging of the food products that are available to the consumer(s). As can be calculated from the post, the limits mentioned are a common term for what the Danish Food Authority’s investigations have resulted in, which should be a standard. Conversely, it can also be seen that it is the values in the food that are stated on the declaration. But if all the goods in a cooler or on a shelf look alike, then this should raise suspicion, because not all goods are the same every year. We’ve just gotten used to feeling that way.


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