A Perfect Programmable Memory


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Memory as a Basic Thing

A rewritable memory to see it is neither a bad or good thing that people fear that memory is a very bad or good thing. It is, in fact, an invisible muscle as that concept can be used. In fact, it is like a  human virtual hard drive, and it can store virtually all information recorded through Helel Life. All life is so much said because something is experienced in which it is impressed with us, then we store an emotional image in memory.

Compare to a harddrive

Of data, just by experiences. It is in its fine form is an invisible thing as you might know, therefore we cannot see it but only what we have learned and gathered of information that ew store. So if you and I go back in history. Actually let us dive into it now and let us make a chain of several generations so we can start painting a picture of the past. The past in us leaves all kinds of traces and they always affect us. So we should first picture ourselves and recall what we were told by our parents and their parents, so we go back almost a century of stories. It means alot that we can do that and sort of travel in time, but we can do that and rewrite some events that has caused us whatever might limit us or helps us.

Memory in the present day

To be taught what to do to bring what we have experienced into present and what should go in, but that is almost a futuristic approach, yet it is needed to understand why it works the way it works, because as you know, we are used to hear others around us phrase: I have a bad memory, even though they have no clue what it actually is. Like it is with us always and it is writable and rewritable because if you and I participate in any course for education, new products see the light and we have kids with names, then a memory is good to have, ergo memory should be trained and not told: We have a bad memory.

The way to use it

Going from the present to the future, it is still inside us, and can be affected by anyone and ourselves. The future of memory is a part of society and an artificial intelligence, which means it is inside machines but still with us. It is paradoxical that we can still to this day express: I have a bad memory. What does it mean? What should we do about it? Questions for the future. It is the faculty of the mind by which data or information is encoded, stored, and retrieved when needed. It is the retention of information over time for the purpose of influencing future action.


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