Abstract Silicon is the second largest and most diverse in the earth’s surface is silicon. Development of supply in relation to intelligent nutrition is a concept in everyday speech. Seen from a general point of view, it is cellular nutrition. Today, technologies find their way into many markets quite quickly. After which some governments say […]


Macronutrition are the six largest nutrients used in our daily lives, Macronutrition are not something supermarkets boast about


Indholdsfortegnelse Abstract To the knowledge and ignorance of many ordinary people, the liver is known as the one that does virtually all the work in the body, and it does. It reportedly has over 500 functions and it is even largely self-repairing, which has been found to mean that as long as it has 25% […]


Indholdsfortegnelse Abstract Regulation can be another perspective of losing weight because the major media has passed on the idea that there are many overweight people. In that case, there are also underweight people. We don’t have to be very clever about what actually causes our weight to increase or decrease. What we can do is […]


Biochemistry Biochemistry in a nutshell is two worlds merged, or combined. Biology on the one hand and chemistry on the other. It is almost debatable about which came first, but the bets are on. That biology has come first because chemistry is a fairly new field within the last 200 years, or perhaps since the […]