An Art of Architecture

Architecture Architecture, the art and technique of designing and building varous buildings, as distinguished from the skills associated with construction. The practice of it is employed to fulfill both practical and expressive requirements, and thus it serves both utilitarian and aesthetic ends. It is the art and science of designing buildings and other physical structures. A […]

A Rewritable Memory

Memory Mémoire

To see a bad or good thing that people fear that memory is a very bad or good thing. It is, in fact, an invisible muscle as that concept can be used. In fact, it is like a  human virtual hard drive, and it can store virtually all information recorded through Helel Life. All life […]

A Mastermind Working Principle

Mastermind group consists of eight people

Introduction – to mastermind Should be seen as a group of people that meet for one thing and that is giving. Giving the way of a personal desire to a group of trusted people, yet the trusted people are close and are willing to express gratitude and give constructive feedback. Also the giver should be […]

A Sense of Intuition

A face with the universe focused on intuition

Be seen as a tool used to pick up feelings from the environment. It must be understood and taken from the point of view of the brain and its electricity. It is in its simplest form can be said to pick up surrounding vibrations which are understood as emotions, or the concept that most people […]

A Family As a Business

Introduction A familyview of business is to see what a family looks like and form a perspective on the structure of a family itself. In the following section, what underlies the perspective of seeing a family with different titles and positions and the arrival of a new one will be expressed. That is the approach […]

A Development of Various Series

Collection of a serie

Introduction Series in general when speaking of products are often known for the phenomenon that has been running for almost decades. It’s like with film series (franchises), where several films are and were produced one after the other as a kind of story. (The Matrix, Die Hard, Harry Potter, Terminator for example). TV series that […]

A History of Skin

Layers of the skin

Many are aware that skin which is the largest organ of all human body, and we know that. It is factual and cannot be disproved. Also, we have fur all over, except for the palms of our hands and under our feet. What we know, which is gradually becoming common knowledge, is that the organ […]

An Individual Limit to Health


Introduction – Individuality of limis Is to look at the limits set by the Danish Health Authority. Basically there are only individual limits, people’s own limits. Product declarations must also be looked at and what they generally mean, because it is a form of reference. And that there are at the same time two sides […]

A Size of the Mineral Silicon

Silicon Dioxide i pulverform

Introduction Silicon is the second largest and most diverse in the earth’s surface is silicon. Development of supply in relation to intelligent nutrition is a concept in everyday speech. Seen from a general point of view, it is cellular nutrition. Today, technologies find their way into many markets quite quickly. After which some governments say […]

A Section in Digestion


The two organs in question are essential to know about the whole digestion. Most people know digestion as starting in the mouth and through the stomach, where the food eaten is broken down. However, it should be mentioned that digestion starts in the mouth. There are more than dozens of products that are good for […]