A Creation of Series


This blog is not finished nor was and is it intended to be finished or conclusive. It is in this state of the writer’s point of view that always are under research. It should therefore be seen as such. If there is any kind of addition to this subject, please notify the site or open an account you are not already in a position of having such.

Series in general terms

Series in general when speaking of products are often known for the phenomenon that has been running for almost decades. It’s like with film series (franchises), where several films are and were produced one after the other as a kind of story. (The Matrix, Die Hard, Harry Potter, Terminator for example). TV series that have an overall story to follow through a period of episodes also called a season. Because when it comes to food, society is flooded with different series of products. These have various variations. The taste of various berries and other well-known herbs that are now known to science is thought of. It is popularly said to be a known phenomenon.

Mix of everything is like a core. Series that here would rather call a multimix, has all the nutrients approved by the Danish authorities, i.e. the Danish Health and Food Authority. Multimix was created on the basis of being a flagship, to be the product that should be on all shelves, and to be part of daily use and consumption. The product range is, like all tng, in and under development, so there is optimal health on the page, all the flavors that the Danish Food and Veterinary Authority has said ok for people to use.

Series and view on tea

Tea as series is a well-known drink and on an equal footing with coffee, however, tea drinking is much more classic and dates back several thousand years in history. The story goes that the tea was discovered by someone sitting and drinking some hot water, whereupon a leaf from a tree fell into the glass and began to give off color. Then, as a thinking individual, the person can consider whether hot tea bought in food markets or food chains should be subjected to extracting the substance from a tea leaf.

Series in care of the skin

Skincare range from a few to a complete line as a series has a fairly recent history in many companies, skincare series is therefore wide. Science and the researchers who work at the forefront of developing and producing skin care have discovered that there are many good nutrients in the nature that surrounds us, and will therefore make it an everyday routine for people. Therefore, and since the skin is the largest human organ, care must be taken of it, because it shows the most waste and visible signs of wear. The most developed series to date.

Series versatility of aloe vera

Aloe Vera is world-renowned and for the reason that it provides cells with moisture. has found out so much about that plant to be able to add botanical collaborations to optimize the effect of Aloe Vera. The plant and its versatility mean that it can be planted almost anywhere in the world. In this connection, this series of cleansing and care products has been created, where people, regardless of their skin type, can use it.

Series Influence in Sports

Sportsbrands are in development and in rapid change. which means that fitness and the overall health is improving. That can be seen in a perspective way



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