A Working Power of The Will


This blog is not finished nor was it and is intended to be finished or conclusive. It is in this state of the writer’s point of view that always are under research. It should therefore be seen as such. If there is any kind of addition to this subject, please notify the site or open an account you are not already in a position of having such. The interrogative questions, who, what, where has a specific role to be open to further research of the blog’s points of views.

The will and the basics

The will and the use of it are for whether the intelligence through retention of it can bring an image out into the world from nothing. It means that only what is seen inside will be created outside of man, does man use and train a concentration then his and her will becomes stronger day by day, or if neglected, it will go the opposite direction. The other word that can be used as an instruction is to stay focused, staying focused is difficult but easy when a person can. With its strong desire, focus can be kept on the object. Because desire is one that resides within an area of the mind that is conscious.

The will and the focus

How the will works in regards with focus can be compared to a laser that is turned on a points t oa specific selected spot.

The will funded discipline

Discipline is a method that needs good explanations and more viewpoints to grasp on what a will is.

The will in historic times

Turning back and forth the clock, and the future will become the past, the will of the intelligence humans have are the exact same as it was three thousand years ago and since the dawn of human.



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