A Sense of Intuition

Be seen as a tool used to pick up feelings from the environment. It must be understood and taken from the point of view of the brain and its electricity. It is in its simplest form can be said to pick up surrounding vibrations which are understood as emotions, or the concept that most people are familiar with. With that in mind, it means that the brain is both a sending station and a receiving station. It is not well known in man, but it is very little heard of or understood. But still, it seems that the concept of man is not aware of this.

Intuition - the use of it

The use of intuition is easy once understood. In this connection, it can be explained that some practice is needed. It’s like the saying goes: Practice makes perfect. However, using it is easier than what is known about it. It is used every day, where some are aware of it and others are not. The way people surround each other is via vibrations, where a strong sense of something is achieved, upon which a response or decision is made. Most of all, people don’t know about it because common sense is used every day. Reason is the analytical part of the mind.

Intuition - on an atomic level

Intuition as an atomic understanding has to be seen into the world of nuclear physics and biochemistry to understand the concept, because at layman’s level, most people are quite ignorant of what it is all about. So in all cases it requires a good explanation and instruction. The atomic understanding must now be seen with a perspective to know about vibrations, just like in physics, because everything around man vibrates and is composed via electrons, protons and neutrons, for the nerd, it is about sending and receiving waves from the brain. So there we are in understanding the very small things. In the understanding of the tiny level of universe and the waves mentioned, it goes in the oceanlike world, because when sending thoughts through the air called radio, someone else could pick up some of the idea you were thinking.

Intuition - as a radio

Intuition as a radio goes into language of history and should be seen as a radio or transmitter and a receiver. The word radio means litterally – I radiate in latin language, which originates from Italy, and what is radiated, what should be radiated? A lot of waves are transmitted and goes through the air all the time during both night and day. Since we have a globe the sun and the night is always present on the globe, that means people are awake and some are asleep. That means waves are in a constant change both transmitting and receiving states.