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Stella Adler

The Art of Acting

First steps on stage – 

The World of the Stage Isn’t Your World – 

Acting Is Doing – 

The Actor Needs to Be Strong – 

Developing Imagination – 

Making the World of the Play Your Own – 

Getting Hold of Acting’s Control – 

Learning Actions – 

Making Actions Doable – 

Building a Vocabulary of Actions – 

Instant and Inner Justifications – 

Complicating Actions – 

Giving Actions Size – 

Understanding the Text – 

Character Elements – 

Dressing the Part – 

Learning a Character’s Rhythm – 

Actors are Aristocrats – 

Making the Costume Real – 

The Actor Is a Warrior – 

Stanislavski and the New Realistc Drama – 

Portraying Class On Stage

Stella Adler The Art of Acting

James Allen

As a Man Thinketh

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As a Man Thinketh book


Genevieve Behrend

Your Invisible Power


Chapter 1 Order of Visualization

Chapter 2 How to Attract to Yourself the Things You Desire

Chapter 3 Relation Between Mental and Physical Forms

Chapter 4 Operation of Your Mental PIcture

Chapter 5 Expression form Beginners

Chapter 6 Suggestions for Making Your Mental Picture

Chapter 7 Things to Remember

Chapter 8 Why I Took Up the Study of Mental Science

Chapter 9 How I Attracted To Myself Twenty Thousand  Dollars

Chapter 10 How I Became the  Only Personal Pupil

Chapter 11 How to Bring the Power in Your Word into Action

Chapter 12 How to Increase Your Faith

Chapter 13 The Reward of Increased Faoth

Chapter 14 How to Make Nature to Respond to You

Chapter 15 Faith wth Words

Chapter 16 Suggesytions on to How to Pray or Ask

Chapter 17 Things to Remember

Your Invisible Power


Andrew Carnegie

The Gospel of Wealth

Coffee Coming soon

Triumphant Democracy or Fifty Years March of the Republic

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George S. Clason

The Richest Man in Babylon


The Man Who Desired Gold

The Richest Man in Babylon

Seven Cures for a Lean Purse

Meet the Goddess of Good Luck

The Five Laws of Gold

The Gold Lender of Babylon

The Walls of Babylon

The Camel Trader of Babylon

The Clay Tablets from Babylon

The Luckiest Man in Babylon

An Historical Sketch of Babylon

The Richest Man in Babylon


Hanne Dittmer




Kapitel 1 Retorikkens Grundbegreber

Kapitel 2 Kunsten at Fremskaffe Stoffet

Kapitel 3 Kunsten at Ordne Stoffet

Kapitel 4 Kunsten at Formulere Stoffet

Kapitel 5 Mundtlig Fremstilling

Kapitel 6 Argumentation og Diskussion


Efterord til læreren


Hanne Dittmer Retorik



Analog Teknik

Introduktion til det tekniske kredsløb – Stoffers opbygning og anvendelse – Elektrisk Spænding – Elektrisk strøm – Elektrisk modstand – Ohms lov – Effekt og energi – Modstandskombinationer – Spændings og strømgeneratorer – Magnetisme og elektromagnetisme – Vekselstrøm og -spændning

Analog Teknik

Digital Teknik

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Digital Teknik

HF Teknik

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High Frequency Teknik

Mikrocomputer Teknik

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Mikrocomputer Teknik