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Frank E. Peters

The Children of Abraham

Prefacet to thePrinceton Classic Edition



Chapter one The Promise and the Geirs

Chapter two  Contested Inheritance

The Children of Abraham

Price Pritchett

The Ethics of Excellence

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Price Pritchett

The Quantum Leap Strategy

Go For a Breakthrough

Quit Trying harder

Ignore Conventional Appraoches

Think Beyond What Common Sense Would Allow

Suspend Disbelief

Focus on Ends Rather Than Means

Rely on Unseen Forces

Choose a Different Set of Risks

Trust in the Power of Pursuit

Seek Failure

Get Uncomfortable

Open Your Gifts

Fall in Love

Make Your Move Before You’re Ready

Look Inside for the Opportunity

Quantum Leap Strategy

Price Pritchett

You Squarred

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Eugene Rogan

Arabernes Historie. Fra Osmannerriget til Det Arabiske Forår​



Kapitel 1 Fra Cairo til Istanbul

Kapitel 2 Arabernes udfordring af det Osmanniske styre

Kapitel 3 Muhammed Alis egyptike rige

Kapitel 4

Kapitel 5

Kapitel 6

Kapitel 7

Kapitel 8

Kapitel 9

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Samuel Shem

The House of God



The House of God

Zocks Fløj

Laws of The ouse of God

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Thomas Troward

The Creative Proces in the Individual


Chapter I The Staring-Point –

Chapter II The Selfcontemplation of Spirit  –

Chapter III The Divine Ideal –

Chapter IV The Manifestation of the Life Principle –

Chapter V The Personal Factor –

Chapter VI The Standard of Personality –

Chapter VII Racethought and Newthought –

Chapter VIII The Denouement of the Crwative Process –

Chapter IX Conclusion –

Chapter X The Divine Offering –

Chapter XI Ourselves in the Divine Offering

Thomas Troward The Creative Proces In The Individual

Thomas Troward

The Edinburgh and Dore Lectures on Mental Science

Table of content

Thomas Troward The Edinburgh and The Dore Lectures on Mental Science

Thomas Troward

The Law and the Word


Some Facts in Nature 

Some sychic Experiences 

Man’s Place in the Creative Order 

The Law of Wholeness 

The Soul of the Subject 

The Promises 

Death and Immortality 

Transferring the Burden

Thomas Troward The Law and The Word

Donald J. Trump

The America We Deserve

Table of content 

Donald J. Trump Trump The America We Deserve