A Network Marketing Family


This blog is not finished nor was it and is intended to be finished or conclusive. It is in this state of the writer’s point of view that always are under research. It should therefore be seen as such. If there is any kind of addition to this subject, please notify the site or open an account you are not already in a position of having such. The interrogative questions, who, what, where has a specific role to be open to further research of the blog’s points of views.

Family, a nuclear view

A family as a business is to see what a family looks like and form a perspective on the structure of a family itself. In the following section, what underlies the perspective of seeing a family with different titles and positions and the arrival of a new one will be expressed. That is the approach to these. It is more about the fact that something new must be perceived about comparing a quite ordinary family with the view of the marketing form multilevel marketing. Or better seen as network marketing, because they are basically the same, and completely different and at the same time the same and different

Family, a structure of research

In genealogical research, it is actually seen in the same way that the researcher starts with himself and goes back through his parents and their parents and so on. So it is that the researcher can see a kind of inverted triangle through his ancestry. And that’s without siblings. That triangle is understood to be the individual child and its mother and father. Dad has his dad and his mom, it’s another triangle. Likewise, mother has her father and mother. That is, three triangles that are hooked together of course without any siblings

Family a next generation

Looking at the next generation, having more heirs is normal. Viewed objectively with a focus on genealogy, it is almost impossible to avoid having more children, because otherwise there would be no one to take care of future elderly. And the elderly must guide the young. It can become a long confused conversation. So all the children they have become successful in one way or another. Let’s say a couple has 10 children, very few of the 10 children do well enough to acquire a large amount of material goods

Family a second like

A perspective of a family where a couple has 10 children, they each grow up and thus there are two generations. Some of the children will only have one child. This generation is called the grandchildren of the former. Some of these grandchildren have five children, and some have 10 children – these are the great-grandchildren of the former. It can be understood that generation after generation only adds more and perhaps larger families. On various research sites of those that are known and allow research, several settings can be selected so that one’s family can be viewed from different angles. It is therefore intended to switch between these views so that the researcher maintains his view

Family network marketing alike

In network marketing, it is in a way the same method, that in order to get an inheritance or create a family or continue the inheritance, you need children or members. From there, for example, it will be possible to see from the reader’s side that the reader has a partner, creating the number of children who now seem adapted to the relationship. To that extent throughout history it has been shown and proven that there have been families with one child and many more, perhaps 20 children. What is common is that all children are a form of member, and contribute to growth in the market in question. 

The 20 children who have now joined will have, for example, 20 children each, after a quick calculation it will be 400 children in the next generation. The next generation gives 8,000 and so on. From there it can be seen that the structure is essentially the same. However, there is a difference; in marketing, there is income via the individual. That income differs from person to person, even if in a family it is the same parents, the outcome is different. The way it can be seen as an expansion is the same number of next generation is added as the previous one. But this is a hypothetical example

Family - network marketing in perception

Perception or perception of a family view and marketing, then it is initially about how the income is divided between the parties, how much each party gets. In several societies and different societies, it is the case that families help and support each other a lot, and also substitute for each other, whereby the total revenue goes to the common fund. Likewise in other societies, it is set up so that there is only one person who is responsible for earnings, and distributes to those who are in a position of support. In this connection, it is in principle a leading boss



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