An Importance of Bileproduction


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The role and meaning of the liver

To the knowledge of many ordinary people, the liver is known as the one that does virtually all the work in the body, and it does. It reportedly has over 500 functions and it is even largely self-repairing, which has been found to mean that as long as it has 25% of itself in the body, it can regenerate itself. Pretty wild fact of an organ. In addition to this is a bileproduction from the liver which consists of waste materials and a kind of lubricant for the future intestines. So in the sections below will occur information that will be and can be corrected as science will go further.

In communication the liver

The gallbladder sits just below the liver, which sits just below the diaphragm.

The diaphragm to name it, sits just below the lungs and is the muscle that expands the lungs and compresses the digestion along with each breath.

The liver and gallbladder plays therefore a big role in the digestion we have so that the body can function at its best.

The liver’s primary function is to detoxify what we consume and also produce enough via bileproduction to feed the intestines. 

When we then take in atmospheric air, otherwise what now floats and flies around us, it is taken up in the lungs and taken up into the blood, where it then flows to the liver, and the liver then does its job of sorting waste and breaking down toxins and works to send it out with the bile.

Gallbladder and bile

Bileproduction and gallbladder furthermore is needed to be known that it must be emptied at times, because otherwise with all the bile produced, the bile can become so concentrated that small lumps are formed which, with an unknown time horizon, end up becoming gallstones. Gallstones, which are known to most people to be a giant pain. 

In order to start the production of bile to fill up the bladder, some ingredients are needed. In addition to the fact that waste products themselves are productive in filling up the bladder, they are beneficial ingredients. On that point, there are numerous products that can start production. But to that extent, the question can be asked about whether there is a need to increase the production of bile, if one is now unaware of how much bile has been produced.

There can be made some individual attempts by yourself. One attempt that can be made is to do a bile cleansing, this is easily done by drinking some polyunsaturated fatty acid, which should ideally be bitter in taste. You can also drink lukewarm or warm lemon water in the morning to promote the cleansing of bile. Certain products also help with bile production, where deep breathing can be practiced and give the gallbladder a push in the right direction. Breathing helps push bile out of the bladder and circulate bile.

Positive effects on bile

Products containing taurine and few other supporting ingredients. As written, taurine helps with the production of bile from the liver, which is then carried on to the gallbladder. So products do not need a tablet, which, like the market for sugary drinks, helps to raise energy, but supports the individual’s energy level.

Cacao in its entirety contains the naturally occurring substance Theobromine. And besides that, it contains natural raw and bitter cacao powder, which helps to make the gall bladder release bile into the intestines, so that bacteria and oxygen are limited indigestion. Remember that our intestines are clenched muscles with a lining to carry nutrients along.1

Some multivitamins contain choline, which is added to help during the day. Multivitamins and minerals have been added to the ingredient choline, because it is necessary to maintain the signals between neurons and axons. Choline is close to the B vitamin group, but is more of a neurotransmitter

Briefly explained like this that bile production has a specific role in relation to the small and large intestine. The bile acts as a kind of detergent and helps to dissolve fat in the duodenum and ensures that fat is broken down into lipids so that the small intestine can absorb the nutrients. 

The other thing bile also does is keep bacteria down in the intestines, so therefore if not enough bile is produced, or not enough bile is released, then the bacterial population grows significantly. Furthermore, oxygen production is also kept down with the help of bile, so that less gas is formed.

Cacao bean one is open and one is whole

A Feedback signal

Recent research has shown that if not enough bile has been produced, when digestion reaches the beginning of the large intestine, a signal will be sent back to the liver to make more or less bile. It is as can be imagined that if there is a lot of unsaturated fat in the food consumed, more bile can be released from the bladder through the bile ducts and thus toxins and digested food can be broken down and carried on to the large intestine. Conversely, very low-fat food and drink is consumed , less bile is released so that digestion can function optimally. The circulation itself increases to keep bacteria down and gas is avoided, i.e. microorganisms are formed that make the intestines weaker. So therefore there is a need to produce bile and to get it out at least once per day.

Rules in a region

The rules that the Danish authorities play in relation to the established rules on product declarations and portions are carefully designed so that the content of products is kept to a minimum and that people believe it will serve them. Among other things, the concept that low-fat food is partially good for human digestion means that there can be a high risk of bile becoming so concentrated that it forms lumps, also known as stones. At the same time, there are many products on the market that can also solve the problem of bile accumulating. So the market has the problem, but also the solution.


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